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-Chapter 24 (a.k.a. "Kefalaio 24")

   Co-established in 1982 by Antonis Livieratos ( keyboards) and Vagelis Boulouhtsis  (bass)  in Ioannina, Greece, the nowadays highly respected yet still unclassifiable "Chapter 24", ("Kefaleo 24" in Greek), were named after  Syd Barrett's song. 
   Their first album (following a couple of independent home- produced cassettes), "Tin Invaders"  in 1988 features lyrics in English and despite the avant-garde reputation of the band, is definitely pop- oriented. 
   In 1989 the original duo grows into a quartet with the addition of guitarist Periklis Boulouhtsis and drummer Yannis Mitsis and moves from Ioannina to Livieratos' hometown, Athens. This second line-up is featured in the instrumental album "To Evretirio ton Simptoseon" ("Index of Coincidences") recorded between 1989 and 1991. 
   From 1992 on the band retains the same, stable trio line-up (Antonis Livieratos, Vagelis Boulouhtsis, Periklis Boulouhtsis). They have been fully active for the last couple of years. 
   Their fully improvised double CD "Drop-in/ Drop-out" was released in February 2007


-Dr. Atomik
   Rumors say that the band are being remote-controlled by some mysterious (suggestively inexistent) DR. ATOMIK who is supposed to remain voluntarily isolated in a personal fortress in the middle of the steppes.
   Fact is that Dr.Atomik are the band that absorbs Antonis Livieratos' songwriting for the last few years. Their original not-very-stable lineup appeared in March 2004 to be dismissed some months later after a few gigs. 
   The second incarnation of the band appeared a year later: Since June 2005 they have been playing their unique hybrid of raw rock 'n' roll and computer-generated electronic noises. 

    Dr.Atomik is: Antonis Livieratos (vocal, guitars & electronics), Adonis Goulielmos (guitar), Grigoris Iliopoulos (drums) and Yiannis Nikolaou (moving images).

   Their debut album was released in July 2007

-Illegal Operation
   Illegal Operation were formed in summer 2000 by Antonis Livieratos, Stathis Ioannou, Manolis Angelakis, Marios Sarakinos and Yiannis Marinos. They were originally oriented towards tearing down old blues songs (Delta mainly) and using their bits and pieces to build their own, fresh material. The results are audible in their "Blue Project" (2001) album as well as the two singles "Space Boogie" & "Careless Love" that accompanied it. "The Bust" (2002) captures them working on old TV series musical themes. In spring 2003, Livieratos leaves the band feeling that he was no longer sharing the same creative interests with the rest of the band.
Sigmatropic were founded in 1998 by Akis Boyatzis'  who, since then, is responsible for all their material. Antonis Livieratos was, from the beginning and for almost two years, part of the live and studio line-up of the band. He also co-produced with Boyatzis their albums "Random Walk" and "Sixteen Haikus & Other Stories" and the single "Air". He also participates in all the above and the 1999 "If You Were Me" single as a musician., v4.0/ copyright: Antonis Livieratos 2006/  Paintings & Drawings: Eleni Pipini