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 Antonis Livieratos was "officially" involved with music for the first time in 1982 when he as a keybordist and Vagelis Boulouhtsis as a bassist co-establish in Ioannina, Greece, the nowadays cult band "Chapter 24", ("Kefaleo 24" in Greek, named after  Syd Barrett's song by the same name).  Their first album (following a couple of independent home- produced cassettes), "Tin Invaders"  in 1988 features lyrics in English and despite the avant-garde reputation of the band, is definitely pop- oriented. In 1989 the original duo grows into a quartet with the addition of guitarist Periklis Boulouhtsis and drummer Yannis Mitsis and moves from Ioannina to Livieratos' hometown, Athens. This second line-up is featured in the instrumental album "To Evretirio ton Simptoseon" ("Index of Coincidences") recorded between 1989 and 1991. After Mitsis' departure in 1992 the band remains a trio. After a long period of virtual inactivity, Chapter 24 returned on stage for two concerts  to celebrate their 20th anniversary (May 2002).

 In the meantime, since 1992, Livieratos teaming-up with guitarist- fellow composer Sotiris Debonos has become involved in scoring for films and theatrical plays. The only sample of their common activity available as a record until now, is the enhanced-CD  "Tou Harou ta Dontia" ("Jaws of Death") featuring the Livieratos- Debonos soundtrack along with a full-lengthed CD-ROM version of the Kyriakos Hatzimichailidis' awarded short film by the same title.

 The first solo record by Antonis Livieratos "To Terastio Kitrino Pragma" ("The Huge Yellow Thing") was released in December 1997 - a classic in terms of Greek rock music.  The album was in its entity composed, performed, engineered and produced by him. This album marks the beginning of the ever-since continuous presence of Livieratos as a solo recording artist and performing bandleader. Its sequel is the EP "Kokkinos Ouranos" ("Red Sky", May 1999). In April of 2000 he releases the double-CD album "To Plastiko Kouti" ("The Plastic Box"). In December 2002 he releases the all-electronic, multilingual CD "Mother Tongue".

 During the last few years Livieratos has also been successfully involved with other people's projects, either as a producer or a keyboards/ guitar player or both, usually within the limits of the "hobART phASe system" musicians' collective in which he participates. One may find samples of this activity in some of the finest contemporary Greek records such as the records of "Sigmatropic", "Woofer" and Manolis Angelakis.

 From June 2000 to spring 2003, he was also the keyboardist of "Illegal Operation". During that period of time the band recorded and released  "Space Boogie", "Careless Love",  "Blue Project" & "The Bust".

 Nowadays he's splitting his creativity between the -once more fully active- "Chapter 24" who have completed a ready-to-release  improvisation based new double CD and  DR. ATOMIK, the latter being the band that absorbs his new material.

Read "Things that nobody cares about", v4.0/ copyright: Antonis Livieratos 2006/  Paintings & Drawings: Eleni Pipini