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Things that nobody cares about


Antonis Livieratos was born in Athens, Greece in 1961. He has extremely vivid memories from his childhood, but we shall not refer to them, since, probably, nobody cares about them.

During his adolesence he developed a rather sporadic relationship with classical musical training interchanged with periods of an urgent desire to  become a bluesman. So he switches from keybords to harmonica. He never meets Devil at the crossroads, though, he spends his time trying to decide if he prefers King Crimson, Velvet Undeground, Kraftwerk or Jimi Hendrix. (Between you and me, he has still not decided, but nobody cares about that.)

He is admitted to Medical School and moves to Ioannina. Though it may sound strange, he does graduate, and he even works as a Pathologist for some years. (Some people swear that he has always been fascinated by microscopes as much as he has been fascinated by guitars, but nobody cares about that either).

In Ioannina, he is acquainted to bass player Vaggelis Boulouhtsis, who has similar musical preferences and ambitions. After two years of futile attempts to find other musicians to share their vision, they start performing and recording as a duo. They call themselves "Kefaleo 24" ("Chapter 24") after Syd Barrett's song by the same title. But things from now on, may be of some interest to some of you, so the rest of the story is not part of this page...

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