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The hobART phASe...


  The term hobART phASe STUDIO appeared for the first time in June 1998 in the credits of debut Sigmatropic EP "Air" to describe Antonis Livieratos', until then nameless personal studio (note that three records had already been recorded and produced there). The name was chosen by Livieratos, who admits he was inspired by the artistry of another form, although he refuses to reveal the source which drives him. One might suggest that the well-known Livieratos' obsession with Sci-Fi literature has played a role here, but there's no proof about that.
  A versatile "collective" of musicians was soon to be created around the studio who -very naturally- decided to call themselves hobART phASe SYSTEM. The collective (that has since then supported all personal projects of its members) has been also responsible for a team project: That is the "Illegal Operation" band  that was formed in June 2000.
List of hobART phASe PRODUCTS, so far
"Tou Harou ta Dontia" ("Jaws of Death"), Antonis Livieratos and Sotiris Debonos, 2/1997
"To Terastio Kitrino Pragma" ("The Huge Yellow Thing"), Antonis Livieratos 12/1997
"Air", Sigmatropic 6/1998
"Random Walk", Sigmatropic 12/1998
"Kokkinos Ouranos" ("Red Sky"), Antonis Livieratos 5/1999
"If you were me", Sigmatropic 5/1999
"To Plastiko Kouti" ("The Plastic Box"), Antonis Livieratos 4/2000
"Stamatina", Manolis Angelakis  3/2001
"Space Boogie", Illegal Operation 3/2001
"Careless Love", Illegal Operation 5/2001
"Blue Project", Illegal Operation 6/2001
"The Bust", Illegal Operation 9/2002
"Mother Tongue", Antonis Livieratos 12/2002
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