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Rarities 2: Cassettes from the '80s


0651/ Sillogi

45΄long cassette, February 1985


This was a collection containing tracks by several different bands of the then extremely active local scene of Ioannina. "Kefaleo 24" ("Chapter 24") contributed three tracks (one song plus two instrumentals) to it.

Kefaleo 24

15΄ long cassette, May 1985

Contains three tracks (two songs plus one instrumental) composed, performed and recorded by the, then duo, "Kefaleo 24" ("Chapter 24").

Antonis Livieratos: organ, monosynth, ac. guitar, tapes, vocal
Vagelis Boulouhtsis: bass, ac. guitar, el. piano, tapes, vocal

Egchromo Gala (Coloured Milk)

15' long cassette, November 1986

Containing four tracks (two songs, two instrumentals) composed, performed and recorded by "Coloured Milk" (a.k.a. Antonis Livieratos).
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