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Antonis Livieratos/ To Mikro Kitrino Promo (Little Yellow Promo) 


December 1997

promo CD(EP)

Hitch-Hyke, Lift Promo 103


Rare CD aiming to promote "To Terastio Kitrino Pragma" ("The huge yellow thing"), Livieratos' debut solo album. Promo contained two tracks taken directly from the album plus a twelve minute instrumental track entitled "Kokkino, to idio akribos kokkino me ton ourano" ("Red, the exact same red as the sky") which, until now, has not been included in any commercially available record.
Note:"Red, the exact same red as the sky" track was, in a way, the ancestor to the "Kokkinos Ouranos" ("Red Sky") song which has appeared in several versions in Livieratos' discography. 
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