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Productions and appearances as guest musician


Woofer/ Woofer


CD,  49'

Hitch-Hyke, lift 056

On this band's first album Woofer was Kostantis Kampanis and Nikiforos Dimakopoulos. Antonis Livieratos engineered and produced this record at hobART phASe studio, June 1997. He also participated as a musician playing all guitars, organ on "Late Night Martini" track, piano on  "Urban Walk" and "Dark Ice" tracks. He also performed some additional programming.

Sotiris Debonos/ Ourakas



"Stigmi" Theatrical Organization

First solo album by Sotiris Debonos, based on poems by Alexandros Montesantos. Antonis Livieratos mixed and -partly- engineered this record at hobART phASe studio, spring 2000. He also participated as a musician (tapes). 

Manolis Angelakis/ Stamatina

February 2001

CD,  49'

Hitch-Hyke, lift 068

On Manolis Angelakis' debut album "Stamatina", Antonis Livieratos played Organ, Rhodes Piano, Synths and e-bow on 3 of the tracks. He also co-engineered another two tracks.
Carla Torgerson/ Saint Stranger
Glitterhouse, grcd 615
Solo record by Carla Torgerson (Walkabouts) produced by Akis Boyatzis & Carla Torgerson.
Antonis Livieratos plays organ on track "Two to Tango"'
Sotiris Debonos/ Far West
Hitch-Hyke, lift 094
Second solo album by Sotiris Debonos. Antonis Livieratos mixed and co-produced with Debonos the album at hobART phASe studio

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